Exhibition activities

An archive of 185 film poster exhibitons organized during last 15 years in the Czech Republic and other countries, sorted in a chronological way. (USA,Japan,Poland,Italy,Spain,Austria)

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The Golden Era of Czechoslovak Film Posters XXI Josef Flejsar

Cinema Svetozor (27. 2. 2014 - 20. 5. 2014) —

In the next chapter of exhibiton series The Golden Era of Czechoslovak Film Poster, we returned to significant artist Josef Flejsar. We introduced his posters already on exhibition in 2012. This time, visitors will see series of large format posters that haven’t been exhibited on public. The 60 pages catalog was published for this exhibition.

From movie poster to post stamp

(26. 2. 2014 - 4. 5. 2014) —

A collective exhibition is dedicated to movie posters and post stamps. The exhibition introduce graphic artists, who contribute to both art genres. Presented are original designs from Post museum and Terry posters collections.

Posters Franciszek Starowieyski

(6. 1. 2014 - 15. 3. 2014) —

For this time Terry poster collection is introducing works of one of the most famous and unique polish graphic designer, Franciszek Starowieyski.

The Golden Era of Czechoslovak Film Poster XX. Jiri Salamoun

Cinema Svetozor, Prague (5. 12. 2013 - 5. 2. 2013) —

Jubilee 20th sequel of Golden era of czechoslovak movie poster introducing one of most significant graphic artist Jiri Salamoun

Student poster Prague / Bucharest

(19. 11. 2013 - 6. 12. 2013) —

Czech center Bucharest in cooperation with Terry posters and UNARTE Bucuresti actuate czech and rumunian students to create art movie posters. Both countries have had rich tradition of art poster, so young artist has stable roots to build on. Collective exhibition take place in galery UNAgaleria