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Italian cinematography in Czechoslovak poster

Castello Di Rivara, Torino, Italy (18. 9. 2008 - 10. 11. 2008) —

The exhibition introduced 250 Czechoslovakian posters for Italian films and it took place in a beautiful location of a renaissance castle Centro D´Arte Contemporara – Castello Di Rivara that is in possession of reputable galerist from Torino Mr.Franz Paludetto.

In Italy, same as in other westeuropean countries was poster design rather rare. Graphic artist could do exhibitions, sell and work freely in these countries. There was no central film distributor and since 50´s has entirely prevailed Hollywood poster form – photographies of actors with a text. This is the reason why are Czechoslovakian and Polish posters accepted with such an enthusiasm in westeuropean countries.

The large-scale exhibition presented major works of Czech graphic designers for Italian films. Visitors could see two crucial posters by Bedřich Dlouhý ( , The Steppe), cult posters by Michal Grygar (Blow-up-, Juliet of the Spirits, The Night), breaking design by Richard Fremund for Visconti´s Rocco and his brothers and tens of other.

One part of the exhibition was a single exhibition of all posters by Vratislav Hlavatý who personally attended the event.