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Machálek, Karel

Machálek, Karel

Born 23 rdof July 1937 in Zlín.
Painter and graphic artist.

Studied at the Secondary Applied Arts School in Uherské Hradiště (1952 – 1956) and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (1957 – 1963; Karel Souček, Vlastimil Rada). Has exhibited as part of a group since 1966, and on his own since the year 1967. He emigrated in the year 1976. Over the years 1968 – 1976 created fifty-three film posters.

We presented poster art made by Karel Machálek-Zlín in November 2008 with his personal attendance on his exhibiton in kino Svetozor.


Karel Zlin, was born as Karel Machalek, July 23rd 1937 in city, it name takes as his pseudonym.

He got his artistic talent after his father, painter Karel Machalek. He had studied at High school of art and design in Uherske Hradiste, then he continued in years 1957-63 at Academy of Visual Arts in Prague.

He entered public space in 60s not only as poet, but as designer as well (cooperate with Spala´s gallery, directed by Jindrich Chalupecky). He visited Paris for first time in 1967, next year he lived in Rome and Florence. After soviet occupation he briefly cooperated with düsseldorf gallery Wendorf-Swetec and on 1st July 1976 went to study in France. He worked in Nogent-sur-Marne in ex-studio of sculptor Marcel Gimond in 1977. He was preparing own exhibition, which Paul Gauzita Lyon gallery offer him. When czech embassy refused prolonging his stay before he finished the exhibition, he ask for asylum.

He worked in paris studio in Rue de Louvre and cooperated with artistic foundry led by Coubertin foundation in Saint-Rémy-ls-Chevreuse. In 1980 he published on his own his first poems “House of others”. Year after he got french citizenship. During goverment of Francoise Mitterand, in years 1992-1993, he realized contract with french departmend of culture on his most famous sculptures: Slunecni barka (for palace garden in Rambouillet) and Antropomorfni architektura.

He´s author of extensive poem collection: Poledne před koncem (1957), Eudoxie (1957), Řeka Acesinus (1967), Hledán (České Budějovice, Růže 1969), Hölderlin (1971), Memorabilia (1974), Dům druhých (Roma, Tipografia P.U.G. 1979), Sluneční bárka (1993), Pozdní rozkoš (1995), Poesie (Praha, Torst 1996; Hledán, Dům druhých, Hymna pro Nouth), Vor Medusy (1997), Vráteň (1997), Psán (1998), Ostrakon (1998), Kniha o tichu nad našimi slovy (2000), Hymny (2000), Mezi dvěma údery zvonu (2002), Kniha dialogů (2003), V kraji Oxymoronu (Brno, Host 2003), Vers l`Orient (Montigny Le Bretonneux, Le Dormeur du Val 2004), Artaud (2005), Poslední slova mé matce (2005), Kraj metempsychóz (2005).
Most of his books stay unpublished.

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