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Soviet movies in Czechoslovak poster

(10. 11. 2009 - 1. 12. 2009) —

Within XVI. Seminary of russian movies in Veseli nad Moravou was presented extensive collection of 40 posters from czechoslovakian artists for soviet movies which were made from year 1960 till 1989 .
Movie poster collection TERRYHO PONOZKY contain about 1200 pieces of posters for soviet movies

Soviet movies were, for apparently reasons, most screened movies in czechoslovakian cinemas. For that reason most of best posters from 60s and 70s was created for them. For example one of best czech artist Karel Vaca
created great posters for soviet movies Blood ties and Oginski´s polnaise . Another giant of czech movie poster art Milan Grygar flashed with his early poster from 1962 But what if it´s love or with design for The only one