Exhibition activities

An archive of 208 film poster exhibitons organized during last 15 years in the Czech Republic and other countries, sorted in a chronological way. (USA,Japan,Poland,Italy,Spain,Austria)

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The Czechoslovak Film Poster 1960-1989

Cinema Aero, Prague (2. 1. 2006 - 31. 1. 2006) —

First of regular exhibitions of the Czechoslovak Film Poster in Prague Art House Aero presented twenty film posters designed by major Czechoslovak authors, who addressed themeselves to designing of film posters.

The Golden Era of the Czechoslovak Film Poster - I - Petr Poš

Cinema Světozor (5. 12. 2005 - 5. 1. 2006) —

First exhibition of a cycle “The Golden Era of the Czechoslovakia Film Poster – I” presented fourty film posters designed by a graphic artist, illustrator, author of animated films and exhibition designer Petr Poš. The exhibition was opened by the author.