Exhibition activities

An archive of 177 film poster exhibitons organized during last 14 years in the Czech Republic and other countries, sorted in a chronological way. (USA,Japan,Poland,Italy,Spain,Austria)

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Zdeněk Vlach - Film Poster

Cinema Aero, Prague (15. 1. 2009 - 28. 2. 2009) —

Another exhibition from the cycle, “The Golden Era of Czechoslovak Film Posters” introduced the rich poster work of Zdeněk Vlach (21.3.1942-13.7.1999).
This autodidact, who was using mainly the American retouch, created the unbelievable number of 203 film posters between 1963 and 1989.

Jiří Šalamoun - The Film Poster Exhibition

Cinema Máj, Litoměřice (5. 1. 2009 - 31. 1. 2009) —

In the scope of retrospective exhibition in the Northbohemia Gallery of Fine Arts in Litoměřice took place an exhibition of Jiří Šalamoun´s film posters in cinema Máj. Even though he created only twenty film posters, his distinctive art writing makes them uneasy to overlook.

A Man on The Czechoslovak Poster

Cinema Světozor, Prague (1. 1. 2009 - 28. 2. 2009) —

This selection of authorial graphic posters presents almost fifty pieces of art created by prominent Czechoslovakian graphic designers. These posters were made for films about men and men‘s world – with all its sources of joy and sorrow.

Czechoslowackie plakaty filmowe

Museum of Cinematography, Lodz, Poland (1. 12. 2008 - 30. 1. 2009) —

In association with the Museum of Cinematography in Lodz and Czech Centre in Warsaw was introduced a large-scale collection of ninty film posters by major Czech graphic artists

Posters by Olga Poláčková-Vyleťalová in Pilsen

Foyer Cinema Beseda, Plzeň (1. 12. 2008 - 22. 12. 2008) —

The author exhibition of film posters by Olga Poláčková-Vyleťalová was introduced in Plzeň for this time. It was organized within the cooperation with the local film club Esprit.