Authorized reprints - overall: 11


A Set of 10 Authorized Poster Reprints
After the successful release of authorized reprints of posters to La Dolce Vita and Yellow Submarine, Terry Posters is now releasing eight more legendary film posters created by some of the most renowned film poster designers from the past. Film poster fans will have a chance to enlarge their collections with Milan Grygar’s posters for Blow-Up or Zdeněk Ziegler’s master collages for Jaws, Psycho, Roma or Two Years’ Vacation. Bedřich Dlouhý’s posters for Fellini’s 8 ½ and Rashomon are included, while Zdeněk Kaplan completes the set with his poster for My Fair Lady. The posters are printed in a limited series of 1,000, using non-digital offset printing in order to match the colors and quality of the original posters from the 1960’s. The posters are A1 size and cost 390 CZK each.