Phenomenon of Cinematography / Predvary - overall: 97


The exhibition of student posters FDU LS ZCU from Pilsen and FUD UJEP from Usti nad Labem

Students from Faculty of design and art Ladislav Sutnar ZCU in Pilsen focused on PHENOMENON CINEMATOGRAPHY in general meaning and with form of poster express basic movie themes for example movie and love, movie and enemy, movie and space, movie and technology, movie and heroes etc. Students represents studios of graphic design and visual communication lead by prof. Zdenek Ziegler, doc Frantisek Steker and Ditta Jirickova.

PREDVARY are posters from two studios of Faculty of Art and Design UJEP in Usti nad Labem: Atelier Visual design (lead by doc. Pavel Benes and MgA. Michaela Labudova) exhibit series of commercional posters for actual Olga Sommerova’s movie about singer Marta Kubisova Magic voice of rebel girl and for Vaclav Marhoul project Nabarvene ptace . Posters for movie festival Giffoni and posters for premiere of author’s movies with common topic “Mirror”. Studio Graphic design 2 (lead by doc. Michal Slejska and MgA. Pavel Fric) are represented with poster series on theme Portrait of cult director