Here you can search for posters by genre. Watch the bombs bursting and bullets flying in war movie posters, fly on the wings of monsters with sci-fi posters, or ride off into the sunset with western posters.

Westerns (126)

In this section you can find posters for some of the cult American western films: The Magnificent Seven , Butch Cassidy or Rio Bravo; as well as posters for westerns of „East-European“ production: Sing, Cowboy!, Kit & Co.

Sci-fi movies (144)

Fly through the world of sci-fi posters! Pass along the wild designs of Japanese sci-fi films of 70’s and 80’s: Godzilla vs. Monster Zero- and Gappa. Kubrick’s 2001: Space Odyssey will open the windows into the universe.

Spy films (78)

Spy films had traditionally served as a strong ideological weapon especially for the Soviet cinematography. Residents. One of the most succesful spy film posters was created by Vyleťal for a French spy film Secret Net.

War films (328)

The poster series for the Soviet epopees: Liberation and War and Peace. Brilliant War posters: The Hill , Battle of the Bulge, The Bridge at Remagen, All Quiet On the Western Front, Tora,Tora, Tora and many others.

Comedy (145)

It were especially French and Italian comedies with Louis De Funes and Pierre Richard which used to attract thousands of people to Czech cinemas. Peter Sellers had this attractive force too.

Animated films (207)

The Czech school of animation got famous especially thanks to films by Karel Zeman and Jiří Trnka. Posters for animated films for kids are of great quality. This section contains also original author posters for films by Walt Disney.

Musicals (46)

Great posters were created (not only) for the American musicals. For example, Eva Galová created a poster for Hello Dolly and Marry Poppins, while Zdeněk Ziegler designed typographic posters for West Side Story- and Flashdance.