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Born, Adolf

Born, Adolf

Born 12th of June 1930 in České Velenice.Died 22.5. 2016. Graphic artist, illustrator, caricatourist, author of animated films.

Studied at the Teacher Training College of Charles University in Prague
(1949-1950 ; Martin Salcman, Cyril Bouda, Karel Lidický), at the academy af Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (1950-1953; Atonín Pelcl) and at the Acedemy of Fine Arts in Prague (1953-1955; Antoním Pelcl). Has exhibited as part of Fine group since 1957, and independently since 1959. Over the years 1959-1989 created nineteen film posters.


At the begging he drew caricature and illustrated books with Ol. Jelinkem. He had his first exhibition with him in Galery Fronta in Prague (1959). In 1972 he became member of team Macourek – Born – Doubrava, which became famous for animated movies, well known in many countries.
He received about 30 prices for illustrations, including Highly Commended H. Ch. Andersen IBBY (1986), Peacock´s pen in Opava (1983), Golden apple BIB in Bratislava (1979), then 22 awards for caricature, grahic and drawnings and 23 awards for animation on various international movie festivals, including award J. Trnka for series Mach and Sebestova (1979). In 1993 he created “back-outs” for TV NOVA.
Between years 1955 and 1994 he illustrated 362 books, cooperate on graphic on 64 movies and created 5 scenic designs for theatres. He set 144 exhibitions all around the world and his works were part of 81 more important collective exhibitions.

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