Exhibition detail


Polish Film Posters I. - 42. IFF Karlovy Vary

Hotel Thermal, 1st floor, Karlovy Vary (29. 6. 2007 - 7. 7. 2007) —

The exhibition of Polish Film Posters at IFF in Karlovy Vary introduced a crosscut through creation of the famous Polish designers (Franciszek Starowieyski, Wiktor Górka, Jan Lenica, Jerzy Flisak) and the others. The Polish Poster (not only the film poster) is a recognized value worldwidely and works of the Polish designers are represented in many collections of the modern art museums. A poster collection at Terry´s consist of almost thousand pieces of the Polish Posters.

The Polish Poster School largely influenced Czech graphic artists and designers, especially in way of more free expression by a film poster´s creation. An exhibition of the Polish Film Posters in 50´s in Prague was a crucial moment for a rise of the Czech Poster School. It was in Poland and in Czechoslovakia where thanks to a specific situation of a central film distribution and film promotion, and addressing major artist of that time arised circumstances for developing extraordinary, highly valuated author posters for long thirty years. Paradoxically, by their creation had designers (living and designing in an unfree country) a freedom. They did not have to conform to the dictate of non-existing market, to demands of film producents. Contrary to a rather negative approach of the Czech state towards such a unique area (the creation of film posters), Poland is pride of works of Polish authors worldwidely. Polish state established two public poster muzeums, organizes poster exhibitions abroad and after all, Polish posters did not die in 1989 and are still created, even though in a smaller extent.