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Movie Posters by Zdenek Kaplan

Cinema OKO, Frantižka Křížka 15, Praha 7 (26. 8. 2010 - 15. 10. 2010) —

Although Zdenek Kaplan made less than 40 posters before he emigrated in 1969, he belongs to most distinctive autors of Czechoslovak poster.

Creation of movie posters had begun for Zdenek Kaplan early after graduation VSUP.
He had belonged with his classmate and close friend Josef Vyletal to group of young artists, which,with great help from older, yet established and in UPF well know authors like Karel Vaca, Milan Grygar and Zdenek Ziegler, could begin working on movie posters.

Graphic language that Zdenek Kaplan used for his posters is most particular and easy to recognize in despite of small amount of realized works.

His amazing technical abilites, combination of surrealistic elements, imaginative and discovering typography and last but not least unique sence of humor – all together create a visual poetry.

Zdenek Kaplan lives in Italy nowadays.