Exhibition detail


Love in Czechoslovak Film Posters

Aeroport, IFF Karlovy Vary (3. 7. 2009 - 12. 7. 2009) —

Mysterious rooms of Carlsbad’s Aeroport will host the 2nd exhibition of Czechoslovak Film Posters of Terry’s Socks collection. The theme of this year’s exhibition is “Love in Czech film poster” …

Along with the prominent Czech artists who designed the posters from the early 1960s onwards, we looked at love from many aspects. With Zdeněk Ziegler, we fell into a reverie over his poster for the Soviet movie MECHANIC GAVRILOV´S BELOVED WIFE, in particular over the slogan to this poster “One day disappointment and then love for ever”. Looking at the poster design by Karel Teissig for the movie ITALIAN WOMEN AND LOVE we could not help but nod to the motto “Serious thoughts over eternal problem”. Together we indulged in seeking for the colour of love on the poster to Zbyněk Brynych’s film WHAT COLOUR LOVE IS. Karel Vaca’s poster for the movie LOVE AT SECOND SIGHT tells “About young love with music and obstacles” and finally Webr’s poster for the movie RESIN SCENTED LOVE deals with a merciless fate of “an ageing man in a vain pursuit of love and understanding”. In total, about 30 love movie posters with outstanding texts by that time Central Film Rental editors were exhibited.