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Disillusion of Utopy - Film Poster Exhibition

Cinema Hvězda, Uherské Hradiště (20. 4. 2009 - 15. 6. 2009) —

The exhibition of film posters from Terry’s Socks collection introduced roughly forty posters relating to the topic of 11th archive film seminar, Disillusion of Utopy – the End of the Sixties, And What Then.

Exhibited were both posters for iconic Anglo-Saxon films of the 1960s (Easy Rider, Yellow Submarine, If, Silent Agreement, Girl on a Motorbike) and posters for the French New Wave (Little Soldier, Stolen Kisses) or Italian films by P. P. Passolini and M. Antonioni (Adventure, King Oedipus, Teorema, St. Matthew’s Gospel). Later this collection was filled with a couple successful posters for Czechoslovak films from 1968 – 1970 (Cremator, Joke, Little birds, orphans and fools, and others.)