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Jiří Šalamoun - The Film Poster Exhibition

Cinema Máj, Litoměřice (5. 1. 2009 - 31. 1. 2009) —

In the scope of retrospective exhibition in the Northbohemia Gallery of Fine Arts in Litoměřice took place an exhibition of Jiří Šalamoun´s film posters in cinema Máj. Even though he created only twenty film posters, his distinctive art writing makes them uneasy to overlook.

17.4.1935 Prague
Graphic artist, illustrator and author of animated films.

Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (1953 – 1961; Vladimír Pukl, Vladimír Silovský) and at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Lepzig (1957 – 1959; Albert Kapr, Bernard Kurt Miller). Over the years 1990 – 2003 taught t the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Has exhibited as part of a group sine 1956, and on his oen since the year 1971. Member of the Hollar Association of Czech Graphic Artists (since the year 1990). Over the years 1961 – 1989 created twenty film posters.