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A Man on The Czechoslovak Poster

Cinema Světozor, Prague (1. 1. 2009 - 28. 2. 2009) —

This selection of authorial graphic posters presents almost fifty pieces of art created by prominent Czechoslovakian graphic designers. These posters were made for films about men and men‘s world – with all its sources of joy and sorrow.

The titles of the films themselves give us some cue regarding thewide straddle of this exhibition. Posters for films like Mlčení mužů /A Silence of Men*/, Muži bez práce /Jobless Men*/, Muž na útěku /A Man on the Run*/, Muži v nesnázích /Men in Trouble*/, Vesnice bez mužů /A Village Without Men*/, Ztracený muž /The Lost Man/, Muž přes palubu /A Man Overboard*/ only illustrate the uneasy and sometimes even dreary role of men in this world. On the other hand, posters for films like Muž se psem /A Man with a Dog/, Báječní muži na létajících strojích /Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines/, Muži a hory /Men and Mountains*/, Muži v sedle /Men in the Sadles*/and Muži a boj /Men and Fight*/ let us look into many little amusements that man like to and apparently can enjoy. And posters for films like Muž z Hongongu /The Man from Hong Kong*/, Muž z Mallorky /The Man from Majorca/ a Muž z Londýna /The Man from London*/ confirm the well-known fact of men being birds of passages. The exhibition offers also the inevitable chapter of men’s life in posters for films like Muž a žena /A Man and A Woman/, Muž který lže /The Man Who Lies/, Muž pod postelí /A Man under the Bed*/, Jak se přiznat svému muži /How to Confess to Your Husband*/, S muži to není lehké /Men AreTough to Deal With*/ which illustrate the eternal intricacy of a coexistence between a man and a woman. W.A. Schlosser’s poster for film Muž proti muži /As Man to Man/ is the one which brings the whole cycle of the tragical men’s existence to the end.

Pavel Rajčan
curator of exhibition


  • - The English titles of the films are unofficial and adjusted to the purposes of this text only, it is a word-for-word translation of the official Czech titles.