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"The race took place in a beautiful nature" - Exhibition of posters for motorcycle races in the fifth decade of the twentieth century

Foyer of Bio Oko Cinema, Prague (3. 7. 2020 - 30. 9. 2020) —

The exhibition reminds of the atmosphere of motorcycle and car races, which took place in the 50‘s of the 20th century. Along with the other trends of the time on how to “entertain the people”, the interest in motoring was highly encouraged and generally supported. Most of the races whose posters are on display, were organized under the auspices of SVAZARM (Union for the Cooperation with the Army). The leading authors of motoring posters include names such as Vladimír Valenta, Vladimír Bidlo and Ludvík Petrman.

The fifth decade of the last century was a period of dynamic development of motorcycle and automobile cultures. The famous Czechoslovak JAWA motorcycle was made and sold on daily basis, racers in Czechoslovak national colors claimed their first successes abroad, and motoring in general became a very popular hobby.
All kinds of motorcycle and car races became popular (such as the flat track, motocross, road racing and especially the Grand Prix of Czechoslovakia held in Brno).

The exhibitions being held in Aero, Oko and Světozor cinemas in 2020 are supported by the Prague’s City Hall.