Exhibition detail


Socialism and poster

(2. 9. 2013 - 30. 11. 2013) —

The exhibition Socialism and poster introducing fiftyseven non-films posters , which propagated motorism, sport activities, tourism, industry exhibition and many other areas of life during socialism era in Czechoslovakia.

Richly represented are posters for socialism exhibition that worship succes of domestic industry (Plastex, Invex, Agrocomplex, Incheba) or Interantional venue in Brno or Liberec.

Exhibited are poster for motocycling, sport an tourism, that encourage citizen to visit beautiful areas around countryside.

Poster for medical stockings Eva is complemented by colourful collage encouraging attendance on Championship of hairstyling. The right job for right men is one and only electrician.

Others posters from different areas of life in socialism completing specific nature of exhibition Socialism and poster.