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100 years of the Czech cinamas - The Poster Exhibition for the Great Czech Films

Cinema Aero and Světozor, Prague (1. 9. 2007 - 30. 9. 2007) —

A poster exhibition for Czech films by an occasion of the 100th anniversary of Czech cinemas introduced a collection of posters for Czech and Slovak films.

Within the framework of this exhibition, visitors could see foremost works of Czech designers from 60´s and 70´s that accompanied Czech films on the screen. One could look over film posters designed for nowadays almost cult films of the Czech cine. The collection of these posters shows qualities that had the Czech film poster in the past. Simultaneously, the set of peak works of Czech graphic artists and designers adjusts a cold-hearted mirror of greyness and below-standard towards a creation of posters for Czech films shown in an indigenous distribution nowadays.