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The Golden Era of Czechoslovak Film Poster XVI. Josef Flejsar

Cinema Svetozor, Prague (13. 9. 2012 - 13. 11. 2012) —

Retrospective exhibition of Josef Flejsar , one of most respected czechoslovak graphic designers shows 55 movie, exhibition and theatre posters.

Thanks to agreement of Josef Flejsar’s family, we have begun categorizing this very significant poster inheritance. Publication of 350 poster on our webpages is first outcome of our documentation activities. It will continue in next few months and should lead to own website dedicated to complete work of this extraordinary czech poster artist.

28 May 1922, Nový Bydžov
Graphic artist. 1945-1947 Academy of Applied Arts, Prague (Prof. Antonín Strnadel). After his studies, Flejšar worked in the Ateliér Schlosser advertising studio. Later he teamed up with a group of graphic designers in the Tvar artists´ association. In the 1950´s he combined this with the Josef Burjanek advertising group and the Remo group (Advertising and Modern Design), establishing the Propagační tvorba. He has designed and illustrated books, film posters and created sgraffitos. He has designed exhibitions for international fairs (EXPO BRUSEL, EXPO Montreal).

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