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Czechoslovak theatrical poster - II

(20. 6. 2012 - 20. 8. 2012) —

After succesful exhibiton in cinema Aero, we decided to enlarge exhibition collection, due to pozitive feedback from audience, so everybody can enjoy and appreciate diversity of approach of each artist.
Now, you can admire 55 extraordinary posters made by lead graphic artists in cinema Svetozor.

Unique as much as movie posters of 60s, the czechoslovak theatrical posters are truly masterpieces. The exhibitions in cinema Aero and Svetozor introducing art valuable theatre posters of Libor Fara, Jaroslav Sura, Zdenek Ziegler, Miland Kopriva and Pavel Brom":http://www.terry-posters.com/posters/attribute-1-authors/5723-brom-pavel-a-kopriva-milan, which follow famous production in theatre Semafor or Za Branou.