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Japanese Film Posters from Czechoslovak Era

Czech centre Tokyo, Japan (2. 4. 2012 - 27. 4. 2012) —

Second show of Terry posters collection in Japan introduce movie posters for japanese movie , created by leading czechoslovak artists between years 1959 and 1976. This exhibition was created with cooperation with Czech centre in Tokyo

The collection of czechoslovak posters for japanese movies feature 36 posters, which were created from 1959 through 1976. Contains posters for japanese catastrophic sci-fi movie, which were considerable part of czechoslovak movie distribution and they were very popular (Gappa, Gamera vs. Giger, The X from Outer Space, Godzilla vs. Monster Zero) as well as posters for classic movie by Akira Kurosawa (Throne of blood, Heaven and Hell, Rashomon, Derzu Uzala, Dodeska-den) or Masaki Kobayashi (Seppuku, Kwaidan, Rebellion, Hymn to a Tired Man). Extraordinary attention should be pay to poster made by Jan Kubicek for Akira Kurosawa movie Throne of Blood, which even created in 1959, stand out by modern form and design. Vaca´s poster for another Kurosawa movie Heaven and hell catch your eye with marvelous collage so typical for this artist. Karel Teissig poster The Song of Bwana Toshi has become an icon of czechoslovak movie poster, and supreme assemblage made by Bedrich Dlouhy for movie Rashomon is prove, what austere and temperate master poster language is capable of.

Special thanks for realisation of this exhibition goes to director of Czech centre Tokyo, Mr. Petr Holy.