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Posters, invitation, chronicle, photographies from the instalation:

Antonín Arnold: A Cinema-Man in Nučice

Lobby of the Aero cinema, Prague (7. 11. 2007 - 7. 12. 2007) —

An exhibition of hand-painted posters supplemented with an instalation of documents and photographies from the 85-year old cinema in Nucice.

In the framework of this exhibition, lookers-on had an opportunity to see an unique instalation of hand-painted posters and documents from the 85-year existence of the cinema in Nučice (Prague-West).

Mr.Antonín Anrnold (born 1932) worked in the cinema since his youth. He started as an usher and afterwards for more than 40 years led this provincial cinema.
During this time when he dedicated himself to the development of a cultural life in his village, he painted a large-sized posters for films he showed in the cinema. His method was simple: he used wrapping paper and water colours. He created an original collection of ca 50 hand-painted posters.
Furthermore, the instalation documents an inner life of a cinema, its building, reconstruction and operation alone.
In annals written by hand that includes reports on early years of the cinema in 30´s are booked in e.g.a screening of the first acoustic film, a direction to repay for costs on broken catlings, it mentions first cinema-bussinessmen who hired the cinema from the board of BIO Nučice. It documents a change of screening table for screen in varicoloured scetches. It describes “an expoloision in an engineroom” and other miracolous events during the 85 year existence of the cinema.