Exhibition detail


Photos from vernissage:

MILOS FORMAN 80 - The exhibition of posters for Milos Forman movies

Czech centre New York; USA (2. 2. 2012 - 29. 2. 2012) —

The exhibition organized in cooperation with Czech centre on occasion of Milos Forman 80th birthday take place in Bohemian National Hall in New York. The exhibition will move in March to Wien and then to other europian cities.

The exhibited collection contain thirty posters for Milos Forman movies shot both in Czechoslovakia and in USA. The main part of exhibition consist of art posters from 60s, when visualy high valuable posters were created in Czechoslovakia. So audience can appreciate for exaple poster for movie Audition created by Jiri Slitr or collage posters by ""Vladimir Bidlo":http://www.terry-posters.com/posters/attribute-1-authors/2-bidlo-vladimir for comedy movie The Fireman´s ball.

The exhibition suplement with few high valuable polish posters for movies such Amadeus or The Fireman´s ball made by artists like Jakub Erol and Jerzy Flisak.
The rarities are hungarian poster for The Fireman´s ball and east-germany poster for Ragtime.

The famous poster by Petr Sis for movie Amadeus created for US distribution is shown as well.