Exhibition detail


DIFFERENT VIEWS - exhibition of student posters

Cinema Světozor, Prague (19. 1. 2012 - 29. 2. 2012) —

Terry posters introduce next exhibition of movie posters. This oncoming is called Different views , and will take place in cinema Svetozor in Prague from January 19th till February 29th 2012. This show consist of poster designs from students from three countries. The theme was set in advance and it has connection with student´s national cinematography. Also following already realized exhibition of student´s posters A Different Film Poster and 0,7 m2 MOVIE SCREEN- .

There was inspiration on beggining from project Confrontation
“Pavel Rajcan succeeded in creation of interesting exhibitions series, and then quality book that confrontate two posters from each nation for the same movie. This original retrospective of classic authors of czech and polish movie posters leads me to idea to try something similar with contemporary students of art schools”, said author and leader of project “Different views” Pavel Noga.
He address his colleagues from Academy of Arts in Krakow and University of Arts in Bratislava and they chose together 4 czech, 4 polish and 4 slovakian movies (or movies made by czech or polish directors). The important factor of choose was availability of movies for each country in own lanquage version – so the difficulties of language barrier can´t occure.