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Surreal world in Franciszek Starowieysky posters

(1. 11. 2011 - 10. 1. 2012) —

For this time Terry poster collection is introducing works of one of the most famous and unique polish graphic designer, Franciszek Starowieyski.

He was born July 8th 1930 in village Bratkówka in Podkarpacie area.
He died February 23rd 2009.
In years 1949-1952 he was studying painting in Academia of visual arts in Krakow under lead of Vojtech Weiss and Adam Maczyński. Then he continued in study in Academia of visual arts in Warsaw between years 1952-1955.
He has pursued poster art, painting, theatre and TV stage design, book ilustration and baroque calligraphy. He had cooperated with film distributors (CWF, CRF, ZRF, Polfilm and Film Polski), TV and theatres in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Stetin, Krakow, Lodz and Poznan. He realized first exhibition of so called Teatr Rysowania (Theatre of painting) in 1981. He had great succes and he repeat again in Poland and all around the world.
He was teacher in Hochschule der Kunste in western Berlin from middle of 80s. He had lived and worked between Warsaw and Paris for many years.
His works could be found in museums and private collections all around the world. His posters earned more than two tens prices on international competitions.
We´re introducing one of the most distinct personality of polish art for last fifty years.