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Hans Hillmann - Master of germany posters

Cinema Světozor, Prague (1. 10. 2007 - 31. 10. 2007) —

In the scope of the film festival Der Film took place an exhibition of one of the most aknowleged German graphic designers Professor Hans Hillmann

Professor Hans Hilmann (born 1925) has been one of the most acknowledged German graphic designers for a long time. His work consists of over 130 film posters from 50´s untill 70´s. With his incommutable style and sophisticated visualization of film subject matter and principles, he influences ingoing generations of graphic designers till today. However, Hilmann is not known solely as the author of film posters as are the Battleship Potemkin or Rashomon, but also as a book illustrator and a long-standing co-worker of Frankfurter Allgemaine Zeitung. He has lectured the Graphics at the Acadamy of Fine Arts in Kassel since 1961. In 1992, he was awarded by Art Directors Club in New York for his illustrations.