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Photo from opening:

The Golden Era of Czechoslovakia Film Poster - IV. - Antonín Sládek

Kino Světozor (24. 4. 2008 - 30. 5. 2008) —

Another series of the exhibition cycle „The Golden Era of Czech Film Poster“ introduced poster work of Antonín Sládek in April 2008. Antonín Sládek followed the tradition of previous exhibitions and came to introduce his work in person.

Antonín Sládek (born: 29. 10. 1942) — Although this excellent painter created only 23 film posters, all of them are credited with high quality. His poster to the famous film with The Beatles – Yellow Submarine – became a cult poster of the beatlemania at the end of the 60s. Other displayed posters (Bullit – 1971, If – 1971, Fantomas se zlobí – 1974 and Slaměný klobouk 1971) show the characteristic pencil of this author.