Exhibition detail


The Poster Exhibition for Fairy Tales and Bands for Children

Lobby of the Beseda cinema, Mestanska Beseda Plzen (1. 9. 2007 - 10. 10. 2007) —

This genre-composed exhibition introduced the Czech poster designs for fairy tales and after all for children film bands in cooperation with FK Esprit Plzeň. This sort of posters belongs to very desired posters (especially abroad) because of its specific poetics.

Children film posters formed a specific realm of the Czech graphics. They were created by a classical painting and drawing. Especially posters for “children film bands” which were printed on A3 format are very specific. Artist liberated their fantasy, because in there is everything possible in a fairy tale world. Thus, we can admire brilliant posters for Krtek, Medvědi od Kolína and many others heroes of children´ world.

The authors of children film posters were foremost: Jindřich Čech, Leopold Dvořák, Petr Poš.