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Ziegler, Zdeněk

Ziegler, Zdeněk

Born 27th of October 1932 in Prague. Graphic artist, typographer and designer.

Studied at the Architecture Faculty of Czech Technical University in Prague (1955-1961). Since the year 1990 has taught at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (2000-2003 chancellor). Has exhibited as part of a group since 1964, and on his own since the year 1970. Member of the association AGI (since 1980). Since the year 1984 member of the Association of Czech Graphic Designers Typo & (from the 1995 Typho Design Club). Created two hundred-four film posters over the years 1963-1989.

Award winnig film posters: 1964 Honourable mention Typomundus in Montreal (For Eyes Only); 1965 Silver Medal in Colombo (And the Fifth Horseman Is Fear); 1976 Gold Hugo at the IFF in Chicago (Electra Glyde in Blue); 1977 Honourable mention of the Hollywood Reporter ( Dersu Uzala-); 1982 Silver Plaqutte at the IFF in Chicago (Green Eyes); 1983 Bronze Hugo at the IFF in Chicago (A Shot in the Back).

We presented poster art made by Zdeněk Ziegler in March 2007 with his personal attendance on his exhibiton in kino Svetozor.


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