Year of poster origin

Take a look at these unique posters from the 1930s and 40s, alongside classic works of the ’60s and ’70s. Use our search bar to find posters from your favorite decade, all the way up until 1989.

10. years (16)

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20. years (41)

30. years (377)

In years of beginning Czechoslovakian cinematography there originated mainly illustrative posters for national films, those were traditional narrow-format, or „noodles“ prints as well as large-scale litographies.

40. years (572)

Film posters were painted in a traditional way. Their central motives were faces of film stars on the background of typical scenes from the films. Painting and „noodle“ prints (lenghtwise posters of 95×31cm format) are characteristic for this period.

50. years (2601)

Formally there still prevails painting technique. In the eastern-European countries a communist propaganda enters the posters. In the end of the 50’s (1958-1959) there appear the first slightly modern but still solely painted posters.

60. years (6100)

High season. Authors start using modern art language freely (collages, photo collages, creative typography etc.). A period of free uncensored creativity ended with year 1968 and upcoming normalization.

70. years (6862)

Also in this period many works of high quality originated. However, the immigration of some authors (or withdrawing from ÚPF) and censorship of Western cinematography did not allow the artists to outdo the best works from the 60’s.

80. years (6065)

Each film coming into the cinemas is still accompanied by an author poster. However the quality varies. Nevertheless the leading authors (Vaca, Grygar, Vyleťal, Ziegler, Teissig) keep their high artistic standard during these years.