PostersAuthors — Kadrnožka, Dimitrij

29 October 1923, Kroměříž Painter, graphic artist. 1945–1950 Academy of Applied Arts, Prague (Prof. Antonín Strnadel). 1951–1954 Academy of Performing Arts, Stage Design Department (Prof. František Tröster). In 1946 Kadrnožka assisted Profesor Strnadel in the execution of frescoes in Frenštát pof adhoštěm, in 1949–1950 in Vráž and nochovo Hradiště. In 1947 he went on a scholarship to Souter France. He was sent to Cuba by the Ministry of Culture in order to establisf the NarionaSchool of Fine Aers in Havana (1967–1974). He worked there as a professor for four years and was later apointed Dean. He also esteblished another school, the Graphic Institute. He is involved with painting and graphics, theatre and film posters /he has designed around 150 posters). He was a stage designer in theatres in Ústí na Labem, Kolín and Karlínské divadlo in Prague. As a designer, he has participated in twenty feature films directed by Dušan Klein. His painting is almost exclusively devoted to landscape, and the coulour scheme of his paitings is influenced by hs long stay in Cuba. Film posters awards:

  • Toulouse-Latrec Award, International Film Poster Exhibition, Paris – Versailles 1960.