Exhibition detail


CONFRONTATION - Czechoslovak and Polish film poster

(28. 6. 2012 - 9. 9. 2012) —

The Terry posters collection consists besides ten thousand czechoslovak movie posters from two thousand polish movie poster. This fact prompted exhibition project called Confrontation, that introduce polish and czechoslovak movie posters together as well.

Confrontation is based on comparation: we exhibit 50 poster pairs, which lead czechoslovak and polish artist created for same movie. Both versions, czechoslovak and polish, for same movie are instaled next to each other, so viewer can compare, how each artist dealt with movie theme, where are the differencies or other hand similarities of czechoslovak and polish poster school.

The exhibition in Slovacke museum in Uherske Hradiste during 38th Summer film school introduce this project for the first time in Czech republic , world premiere was in 2009 in Museum of cinematography in Lodz.

The exhibition collection doesn´t show the best of polish or czechoslovak poster art . This is not a selection of most famous posters from both countries neither. Pairs of posters for Confrontation was selected to fullfit curator’s intention – compare different artistic approach.

Still, the exhibition show works from most respected polish and czechoslovak artists. The polish side is represented among others by legends of classic poster art: Roman Cieslewicz, Wiktor Gorka, Jan Lenica, Franciszek Starowieyski and Waldemar Swierzy. Czechoslovak poster school is introduced by Milan Grygar, Karel Teissig, Karel Vaca, Josef Vyleťal, Zdeněk Ziegler and others.

The posters, that we chose for Confrontation, followed cult movies from Czechoslovakia, Poland or rest of the world. Let’s mention posters for Andrzej Wajda movies ( Landscape after the battle and The Ashes) or posters for czechoslovak oscar movie The Shop on Main Street or Zeman’s Two years holiday. International cinematography is represented by Andrej Tarkovskij ( Ivan’s childhood, Andrej Rublev) Federico Fellini ( 8 ½ ) or Roman Polanski (Chinatown).

Together, works from 22 polish and 28 czechoslovak artist are possible to see on exhibition. The oldest poster is from 1955, youngest one from 1988.

Catalog for exhibition was printed in czech-polish-english language version.