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The Golden Era of Czechoslovakia Film Poster - X. - Bedřich Dlouhý

(4. 2. 2010 - 31. 3. 2010) —

Jubilee 10th exhibition of Golden era of Czechoslovakia film poster cycle was dedicated to poster works made by academic painter Bedrich Dlouhy with his personal attendance.

Even Bedrich Dlouhy made only 26 posters between years 1962 and 1971, he belongs among most recognized autors of czech poster art. His minimalistic design for italian movie The Steppe is next to poster A Gentle creature made by Olga Polackova-Vyletalova one of icons of czech poster school. His collage for Fellini´s movie 8 1/2 amaze by own composition.
And finally design for Kurosawa´s movie In the woods concentrate to drop of blood and grin the intensity of japanese movies . These as well as the other posters confirm words above. Even design of movie posters was just small part of his artwork, belongs him in aplied arts one of the first place among giants of czech movie arts like Karel Vaca, Zdenek Ziegler or Josef Vyletal .

Please have a look at detailed profile of Bedrich Dlouhy wrote by Jiri Machalicky here