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Exhibition installation and individual posters:

Hommage: Jan Rajlich 100

University Cinema Scala (23. 9. 2020 - 23. 11. 2020) —

The Biennale Brno Association has decided to celebrate this year’s 100th anniversary of the birth of Brno-born painter and graphic designer Jan Rajlich sr. (1920–2016), the founder of the international biennale of graphic design in Brno, by an international poster event.
In 2019, the BBA called on a hundered graphic designers from the BBA as well as on close friends and acquaintances of Jan Rajlich sr. from all over the world to create a poster on the theme “Hommage: Jan Rajlich 100×100”.

Because a multitude of other graphic designers showed an interest in taking part, in the beginning of 2020 the BBA decided to expand the event and through the internet invited additional graphic designers to take part as well. The authors had an opportunity to base their posters on either the work, the life or the persona of Jan Rajlich, or to base it on the theme of Jan Rajlich, graphics / graphic design / design of visual communications / Biennale Brno. The designers could sign with initials JR100 and also had the opportunity to simple create a variation on some of Jan Rajlich’s most known posters.
In the end, 195 authors from 40 different countries submitted their original posters. 330 individual designs were received, and after a close selection, there are 200 posters from 166 authors being exhibited at two individual locations.
100 posters by called on authors (JR100x100) are installed in the Governor’s Palace of the Moravian gallery in Brno (25. 9. 2020–28. 2. 2021).
Another 100 selected posters (JR100+) are exhibited until the end of November 2020 in a downsized format at the University Cinema Scala, where amongst the many authors we can find numerous icons from the international and Czech graphic design and poster creator scene. From Brno these are František Borovec, Jiří Eliška, Boris Mysliveček, Jan Rajlich jr. and Andrea Uváčiková. Amongst the Czech ones are Pavel Beneš, Petr Kubín, Dagmar Kučerová-Lanatová, Wojciech Osuchowski or Jaroslav Pejčoch. From Slovakia for example Andrej Haščák, Pavel Choma, Eva Jenčuráková and Mykola Kovalenko. The international ones include Ken Cato form Austria, Jochen Fiedler from Germany, Vladimir Chaika from Russia, Paul Ibou from Belgium, Chaz Maviyane-Davies from Zimbabwe/the USA, Gérard Mermoz from the UK, Péter Pócs from Hungary, Parisa Tashakori from Ireland/the USA and many others from Argentina, China, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Taiwan, the USA and so on.
The BBA is printing a catalogue for the event with all 200 reproductions of the exhibited posters along with commemorative texts (Vlasta Brímová CZ, Dana Doricová SK, Jan Rajlich ml. CZ, Sergej Serov RU, Zdzisław Schubert PL, Peter Simlinger AT and Václav Svoboda CZ, 170×240 mm, 160 pages).
Curator of the exhibitions JR100x100 and JR100+: Jan Rajlich jr.